Bart & Melissa Kotter

ASEA Ambassador Diamond Executive

Bart and Melissa Kotter can’t imagine any other way of life than what they’ve built with ASEA. “We shudder at the thought of where we’d be right now if we didn’t say yes to building a future with ASEA,” Melissa says.

Working from home allows the Kotters to live according to their dreams, and they see that as a gift they can share with others. They believe that anyone can live the life they were born to live—not necessarily in accordance with the rules and conditions set by others.

As experienced networkers, Bart and Melissa have lived that life for decades, so they knew what they were looking for when they enrolled with ASEA. “We were not only impressed with the integrity of the company,” Bart explains, “but also the science behind the product.”

Working full time since day one, and huge believers in setting goals that make them both excited and nervous, Bart and Melissa have built their business for the first 17 months solely on RENU 28, and they’re always looking for visionary leaders to join their global expansion team.

“We have all been afforded and entrusted with talents and skills that we believe we have a personal responsibility to share with those around us,” they assert.

They are passionate about the products, opportunity, and ASEA’s culture and continue their quest to live a life well lived and help to free others to do the same.