Asia One

ASEA Diamond Executive

ASEA Diamond Executive Donna Kwang comes from a family who was involved in medical services in Singapore and who loved to help others improve their health. Before finding ASEA, she was a nursing instructor, a public educator, and a health advisor who prided herself on serving those in need. She was attracted to ASEA when she researched the patented and scientific products her husband was using that made such a difference in his well-being.

“My husband and I felt like we could educate and share cellular health to the sick and aging in our communities, which was important to us,” Kwang says.

She enjoys running her ASEA business full time and helping her downlines share their newfound knowledge with friends. With her previous focus on senior health and anti-aging, her ASEA business fits right into her lifestyle, as well as helps her stay active into her later years.

Her favorite thing about her ASEA business is the gratitude from family and friends who have tried ASEA products and who have had wonderful experiences with them. She says that their team goal is to sincerely share the truth, with faith and trust, to potential clients around them and that authenticity is how her team gains their confidence.

“We have a daily motto to impact others with love, share the blessings of God’s love to the world, have a heart full of gratitude, and to train our team with the same heart and mind that’s led to our success within ASEA.”