Rita & Michelle Hsu

ASEA Ambassador Triple Diamond Executive

When Michelle Hsu joined ASEA, she was just trying to appease her sponsor. She had no intention of fully engaging in the business. “However,” Michelle explains, “after the entire family’s positive first-hand experiences from using the ASEA products, we were intrigued. We got down to business and studied the literature and science behind ASEA.”

While reading the history of ASEA and how the name was derived, Michelle was impressed. She loved the meaning of a timeless symbol of rejuvenation, rebirth, and healing. “All three words embody all the best things a company and product can provide for others,” she says, “three things that are imperative for the soul, body, and mind.”

More than a year after Michelle joined ASEA, she and her family decided to go all in. “Our family has always been involved with network marketing,” she explains. “For years, we worked as a family unit of four, hosting informational meetings and seminars. We love meeting and speaking to new people with diverse backgrounds, ideas, and life experiences. It brings us such joy, as we continue our journey with ASEA, in encountering so many new people and establishing so many different partnerships.”

In time, Michelle’s mother, Rita, became a key player in the family’s ASEA business. Michelle and Rita both love using ASEA products. Rita has seen dramatic improvements in her vision, skin, and overall energy level.

“ASEA Redox is how we start and end our day, every day,” Michelle says. “Each of us carries RENU 28 in our purses, along with a few samples so we’re ready to share at any given time. It’s always exciting to meet a new person and have them try it. We’ve come to see how ASEA provides rejuvenation, rebirth, and healing for countless individuals, both in health and financially. We’re proud to say, ‘We are ASEA!’”