Alan Wang

ASEA Ambassador Triple Diamond Executive

Two decades ago, Alan Wang worked his 9-to-5 government job, going to the office every day. The days blended together, and the paychecks stayed the same. It was hard to get ahead and hard to  get motivated. One day, his neighbor, an older woman, came to his house to tell him about her network marketing opportunity in cosmetics.

“This lady, she’s older than me and she’s selling a product that’s supposed to help your skin, but her skin condition wasn’t that great,” remembers Alan. “Then she told me how much she was making. It was between $300 and $30,000 US a month. I was blown away. And then I thought, ‘I’m younger and stronger than she is, but she’s out-earning me. Why am I only earning $1,500 a  month?’”

Alan wanted to solve the mystery of how to earn more money for himself and his family. He went to several presentations and training sessions sponsored by his neighbor’s company. It was then  that he had his epiphany.

“A person’s power is actually limited,” Alan says. “To be successful, you need a team to help out the whole business. My neighbor had 1,000 people—the power of 1,000 people—to help her  accomplish her goals. At my job, I was just working by myself and getting a single salary every month by myself.” The lightbulb turned on—and Alan’s network marketing career took off.


Alan now channels his network marketing acumen into his ASEA business. For him, ASEA brings together the best elements of networking: opportunity and health-supporting products.

“The product helps me feel and look young and healthy,” he says. “I’m trying to stay young from inside and out.”

As for Alan’s future with ASEA? “My goal is to create 100 Diamonds and work together with ASEA to create a miracle this year.”