Alan Fitzgerald

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

Alan Fitzgerald was raised in rural Western Queensland and has worked many different jobs in many different industries over the years, including retail, warehousing, quarrying, delivery, and truck driving. But despite his hard work and talent he still describes his life before finding ASEA as “financially tight.”

That all changed when his friend Mal Sword got him on a phone call with Danny Doyle, who walked him through the benefits of an ASEA lifestyle. Since joining the team, he has been on four overseas trips and will go to Cancun with his wife in 2019. Before becoming an associate, he had never even left Australia.

Now he is proud to say that thanks to his ASEA business he is close to fulfilling a personal goal of allowing his wife to quit work and stay at home. He is also impressed with how rewarding his efforts have been to put himself out there and meet new clients. “I used to be an ‘introvert,’ and I’m proud of the fact that through network marketing I’ve been able to work through that.”

Alan has personally benefited from ASEA products, which is why he is so passionate about spreading the word to others. “Coming from the country, I’ve played Rugby League and I’ve had horses fall on me and cattle kick me in the legs and my knees had become that stiff if I got down on the floor, I struggled to get up. The benefits of ASEA REDOX have been a welcome support.”

Working as a full-time ASEA associate, Alan says his life revolves around the products and company. He feels that ASEA is the best of both worlds, and he has big goals for the future when it comes to success: “My wife and I plan to travel around Australia, and we also want to buy a ‘grandparents property’ where our grandchildren can come play and ride horses and motorbikes and learn what it’s like ‘on the land.’”