Vilmos Szabo & Vanda Volrab

ASEA Diamond Executive

Together, Vilmos’s and Vanda’s talents and desires to help others reach their goals have enabled them to reach the rank of Diamond Executive. Perhaps even more amazing is that they accomplished this high advancement without either of them having any prior network marketing experience.

Vilmos and Vanda live in Hungary and before settling into ordinary jobs, they decided to try their luck abroad while they were young. They spent eight years in Scotland and the Netherlands, trying several jobs in hopes of a better future. Eventually, they decided to return home to Hungary, but their hope for a better future still remained. This hope is what led them to the people who introduced them to ASEA.

Initially, their interest in ASEA was piqued by the product. “The science and technology behind ASEA were very attractive. ASEA enables us to support our body and health like nothing else before,” he says. “Naturally, realizing ASEA’s significance and the product’s possible serious health benefits for its consumers, ASEA’s business opportunity also became inviting to us.”

The two wanted to know more about ASEA, and because they had no previous experience in network marketing, they did their due diligence and researched ASEA. “We found out everything we could about ASEA from every aspect—the product, the scientific background, and the story of its leaders,” Vilmos says. From that point on, they were committed. They knew that with ASEA, they would have the opportunity to accomplish more than they ever could in their traditional jobs.

“Achieve your goals with uncompromising commitment! Do not let anyone sway you. If you really want to accomplish something, you have all the power you need; you only have to believe in it!” – Vilmos Szabo & Vanda Volrab

With their due diligence completed, they began to build! “We began to use the materials provided by ASEA—the videos, documents, and our company-hosted website, and we shared the information with others,” he says. “Naturally, we received a lot of help from our sponsor, who guided us every step of the way.”

Vilmos and Vanda believe that the foundation of a working business begins by utilizing the tools that will help you introduce ASEA simply and easily to others. “In order to accomplish great success, we need to be prepared, so we feel it is a good idea to continuously expand our knowledge about business and ASEA. Our sponsor, who is already well prepared, is a big help in this,” he says.

Together, they have moved up the ranks rather quickly and have achieved Diamond Executive qualification. Vilmos feels that this success has come because their own personal goals are complemented by the mission of ASEA. “It is beyond words when you experience the results of all the work you invested into. Of course, it was amazing to reach Diamond level, especially without any prior network marketing experience. It was not our experience that helped us reach this level. We put our time, heart and energy in it, while the experience was provided by our sponsors.”

Vilmos and Vanda are quick to praise their upline team members, who have given them incredible support. “Passing on their experience they helped us a great deal to avoid efforts in vain. Their advice has proven effective, as we managed to reach a remarkable level without prior business experience in a relatively short period of time.”

So what’s next? “We are in it for the long run!” he exclaims. “We know that there is a long way to go until the whole world hears about ASEA. Our goal is that drinking ASEA will be regarded as an everyday activity, such as brushing your teeth.”

So, it turns out that this couple who was looking for adventure, opportunity, and freedom have now found all that and more with ASEA. “We can now live a fulfilling life and do something that we enjoy, thanks to ASEA,” Vilmos says. “We have time for ourselves and the family, and we live a harmonious and happy life. For us, life with ASEA has become much more substantive, full of many enjoyable things.”