Sue Brenchley

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

Sue Brenchley is an accomplished Triple Diamond Executive and a Founding Diamond Executive. She brings over 20 years of network marketing experience to ASEA, earning residual income from three previous companies lasting longer than 10 years. She haa served on advisory boards for four successful start-up network marketing companies. Yet at the core of this amazing business success story is Sue’s true desire to care for others and help them achieve. This passion is played out in her various roles as a wife, mother, grandmother, entrepreneur, mentor, and friend.

Sue’s entrepreneurial spirit is undeniable, but her real ambition has always been to be a good mom. She and her husband, Craig, were blessed with four boys, two of which were premature twins, and another who was born with birth defects. This resulted in numerous medical bills, so Sue got a part-time job, and helped Craig run their carpet cleaning business. “Over time, I lost my health,” she explains. “That’s when I was introduced to a network marketing product that changed my health.” Sue became passionate about helping people with similar health challenges, and before she knew it,
she was earning more money with her networking business than at her conventional job.

She loved what she was doing, yet Sue was afraid to quit her day job. “The stress was mounting and I had lost my balance. Finally I realized that if God told me what to do, I could have the courage to do it. I had a heartfelt one-sided conversation with God that night,” she says. Then Sue had a dream that changed her life. “When I woke up, I knew that the ripple effect of helping others through network marketing would start a chain reaction of people helping people. I got up, took a shower, and quit my job.” Sue now had a clear purpose to support her passion, and her career was born.

Not one to stand still, Sue set a goal to learn all she could and she tapped into the knowledge reservoirs of some of the very best mentors and entrepreneurs in the industry. “I found people that inspired me and picked their brains to learn how they created their success,” she explains. “Now I tell my team to find and talk to individuals that inspire them because they’re ready to share.”

Sue learned about ASEA and heard the story firsthand from Verdis, Jim, and Dr. Samuelson in January 2009. “I knew that I didn’t have to have another dream to know how many people I was going to help with this new breakthrough technology,” she says.

“This industry requires high tech and high touch. The high tech has to be the means by which you accomplish things faster, but the high touch is what makes the business work. Don’t ever think this business isn’t about gatherings, meetings, and conversations because that’s where the energy shifts and that’s the glue that allows you to develop the fabric of the business.”

“When you find your purpose, it permeates everything in your life. Before you define your purpose, there are just activities, jobs, tasks, and means to ends; but when you finally get it, what you’re involved in becomes so powerful. It’s that moment when you stop just doing things and you start really living.” Sue teaches her team to follow her example and look for leaders—people who want a change and are ready to know that
life has more to offer. “This business requires people who really want it. I look for people who have that hunger and desire because these are the people who over the course of years, step by step, activity by activity, will become leaders.”

Over the past 20 years, Sue has diligently worked with a passion and a purpose, always keeping in mind the reason why she is a networker. “I balance everything in my life off of my dream. I always think about the long-term impact and potential of what I am doing. I often wonder who will be waiting for me in heaven now. Because we can’t take money, houses, or cars with us, but there will be a moment when you have to think
about what you’ve been involved with and how you’ve spent your time. That’s my driving force. Right now, I know that someone is being helped.”

Setting new goals is a daily part of Sue’s lifestyle, so when asked what her next big goal is, she responds, “I have a bigger vision of creating a scholarship/mentoring program for individuals who have the desire and dream of cultivating a successful ASEA
business, but are unable to because of their life’s circumstances. My goal is to find, train, and fund people like this with the agreement that when they reach a certain level of success, they will pay it forward to someone else.” She continues, “If I can start a chain reaction with this program, then we’ll have an army of people helping people with ASEA!”