Steve Ottewell

ASEA Double Diamond Executive

Keeping an open mind is an attitude that has benefitted Steve Ottewell in many ways. First and foremost, it was this disposition that helped Steve say, “yes” to ASEA and to discover his rewarding purpose of helping others.

Steve Ottewell’s passion for health and fitness has helped him to create the lifestyle of a champion. His experience in the fitness and nutrition industry spans 25 years and includes 15 years as a top National Level body builder in the United Kingdom, and owning and operating a nutrition supplement company. Being a professional competitor and business owner has been a driving force for Steve to always stay on the cutting edge. So when his good friend and mentor called him and asked if he had ever heard of redox signaling molecules, Steve had not, and was naturally interested in discovering more.

After watching a short video, Steve knew why he sounded so excited. “I called him and told him that if what I had just seen is real, then ASEA is the biggest breakthrough of the last 50 to 100 years!” says Steve. Even though it was two days before Christmas and he was very busy, Steve recognized the uniqueness of ASEA and signed up that night. “I didn’t want to miss out on a minute of what I believed could be a massive opportunity.”

With his extensive experience and knowledge in nutrition and supplements, Steve couldn’t wait to do more research about the product. “It makes complete sense,” he says. “I had my own supplement company so I understand what natural supplements do, but my understanding of ASEA was that it goes beyond nutrition to a point of being native to the body, and not only benefiting your cells, but also every other supplement that you put in your body.”

Steve’s initial interest in the product was purely personal. He explains, “In 2008, my body had contracted a virus which attacked my nervous system, leaving me paralyzed down my right arm. This was a major blow for me as in 2007 I had won a major competition and had set a goal for 2008.” Not one to settle for second best, the spirit of competition and drive continued to flow thick in his veins, and Steve determined that this experience was just a challenge, not an ending to his competitive career. Since joining ASEA, Steve says, “I now feel with ASEA by my side, I will have the chance to compete again.”

As a business owner, Steve was drawn to the business aspect of ASEA for several reasons. “First of all, ASEA has no competition. I’m an entrepreneur and I know how powerful it is to have no competition, and the advantage that it gives you on the playing field. As we say in the UK, ASEA is a no-brainer!” Next, Steve took the opportunity to fly to Utah and meet with ASEA Founders. After meeting with them, Steve says, “I knew I had found my home. Everything that was spoken resonated with everything I had been looking for, not just in a company, but in the hearts of its owners.”

A goal-setter and competitor, Steve had big plans and began contacting and building his ASEA business before he ever left Utah to head home. His first goal was to pick a champion and model his actions in order to achieve the same success. Steve knew his friend was the person he wanted to emulate. “He has over 20 years of experience behind him and took the time to show me the correct way to build a network marketing business. I took on board everything he taught me, and still do to this day,” says Steve. “My advice to others is to do the same—pick a Champion! Find someone who is where you want to be and duplicate what they do. Tell them your goals and what you want to achieve and then devise a plan to accomplish this.”

Just 12 weeks after product was made available in the UK, Steve hit the rank of Diamond Executive. “There’s something special about this product. The more people started talking about their results, the more people there were who wanted to learn about the story of ASEA.” Steve’s proudest moment at ASEA so far was when he hit Double Diamond. “The reason why I’m most proud of this is because it happened without me knowing,” he shares. “What I mean by that is I was so focused on helping my leaders hit Diamond that I did not realize I had hit Double Diamond.”

Following the example of his own sponsor, Steve says that the most important thing he has learned in building his business is this—“It’s not how many people you can sponsor, it’s how you sponsor. Be responsible for the people in your team, because this is a team effort.” Steve has had incredible success with many of his leaders who are new to network marketing. “Take my Diamond Leaders Vanda Volrab and Vilmos Szabo, for example. They had no experience but they have huge hearts and a fantastic work ethic. They would listen and duplicate and soon they achieved their own success. I am truly proud of them.”

Steve’s life has changed in countless ways since he joined ASEA. He has a thriving international business filled with mentors and team members that are more like family than friends. He is able to spend more time with his own family and enjoy new opportunities and travel to beautiful locations. Most importantly, Steve’s life has full purpose. “I spent my lifetime looking for my purpose in life. I now know this is it! My purpose is to help people, and I will enjoy it every step of the way. ASEA has helped me grow into the person I have always wanted to become, and for that, I am eternally grateful.”