Silvia Fontana

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

Silvia Fontana is a mother of three, ages 30, 23, and 15. She works a delicate balance so that she can succeed with ASEA and still have family time. “I have no spare time,” she says. And she doesn’t. Her work day begins at 5 in the morning, and she keeps going until 4 in the afternoon, when she switches into “mom” mode: finding out what happened at school and fixing dinner. At night, she goes back to the computer for a few hours before she crashes.

Silvia is originally from Italy, currently resides in Canada, and has worked all over the Europe and North America. In the early days of her career, she found herself a single mom, eking out a living as a waitress in Canada. It took Silvia several years to settle into her life there but once she found herself on firm footing, she went into a totally different field—importing beauty products. She developed that concept into 47 franchises within three years and became a multimillionaire.

And then her business took a hit. “I lost 70 percent of what I had built,” she recalls. Wondering what to do next, Silvia considered missionary work. She even signed up for prep courses, but her life took a different direction. Still, she became very involved with a mission in El Salvador.

Eventually Silvia found another line of beauty products that she fell in love with. But when she found out it was in the network marketing industry, she said, “Who, me? Never, never, never—I will never do network marketing!”

Silvia was so entrenched in franchising that she was not interested in the network marketing model. That is, until she began to see it as mutual franchising. She thought, OK, you sold 47 franchises in Canada and did amazingly well. What about going global?

She realized that every single associate would be a franchise. “I started to see the whole picture,” she says, “and it was very, very big.”

Silvia began working hard, mostly teaching herself along the way. “I didn’t have a coach,” she explains, “so I developed street smarts.” She even did some contract work for a company in Europe, but changed course after a year. She eventually found another network marketing opportunity and worked her way to the top.

When Silvia’s friend Karl called her and said he wanted her to do an ASEA fly-in to Salt Lake City, she said, “You’re nuts.” She was doing great in her current company and had no interest in looking elsewhere. But Karl insisted, and Silvia finally agreed.

It only took a day for Silvia to fall in love with the product. As soon as she got to her hotel room, there was a beautiful box with a blue bow, and inside was a bottle of ASEA and a glass. She filled the glass a few times over the next few hours, and started to feel a difference.

“I knew the product was working, but I still doubted,” she admits.

But at lunch the next day, when one of her friends received a phone call from someone who had evidently had the same experience she had, Silvia became convinced. “At that point, I said, ‘Wow, you cannot be skeptical right now, Silvia. This is not a coincidence at all!’”

Now Silvia’s only hurdle was that ASEA was not open yet in Europe, and Founder Verdis Norton had told her that his plan was to open in three to four years. So she got behind the cause of opening that market sooner. She called Karl and said, “I’m ready to go for it, but I need your support. You have to be my strength at corporate. Let me focus and we will make it happen.”

When she got the call that ASEA was opening in Europe, she was thrilled. “For me, that was the victory,” she beams. Now her biggest thrills come from seeing her people achieve, even more so than from her own achievements.

“I’ve made money before,” she explains. “I’ve had many satisfactions in life—many ups and downs. I’ve starved, I’ve raised my children alone—I’ve gone through everything. And today, I feel like honestly, from the bottom of my heart, ASEA is truly home for me.”