Silvia Fontana

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

Silvia Fontana was already a multimillionaire before she began network marketing. Originally from Italy, she’d moved to Canada as a single mother. She started out working as a waitress, and eventually she began importing beauty products. Within three years, she’d grown her business into 47 franchises.

But then Silvia’s business took a hit. “I lost 70 percent of what I’d built,” she recalls. Eventually she fell in love with another line of beauty products. However, when she found out it was network marketing, she said, “Who, me? Never, never, never—I will never do network marketing!”

In time, Silvia realized that network marketing was like mutual franchising. Every single associate was a franchise. “I started to see the whole picture,” she says, “and it was very, very big.” She thought, “OK, you sold 47 franchises in Canada and did amazingly well. What about going global?”

Silvia began working hard, mostly teaching herself along the way. “I didn’t have a coach,” she explains, “so I developed street smarts.” She eventually found another network marketing opportunity and worked her way to the top.

When Silvia’s friend Karl invited her to visit ASEA in Salt Lake City, she said, “You’re nuts.” She was doing fine in her current company, and she had no interest in looking elsewhere. But Karl insisted, and Silvia finally agreed.

When Silvia got to her hotel room, she found a beautiful box with a blue bow. Inside was a bottle of ASEA REDOX and a glass. Over the next several hours, she drank a few glassfuls and started to feel a difference. “I knew the product was working,” she says.

Today, Silvia’s biggest thrills come from seeing her people achieve, rather than from her own achievements. “I’ve made money before,” she says. “I’ve had many ups and downs. I’ve starved. I’ve raised my children alone. Today, I feel like honestly, from the bottom of my heart, ASEA is truly home for me.”