Paul Taira

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

Paul Taira’s rich and diverse background is manifest in his various roles as a strong and effective leader. He is a former U.S. Marine combat infantry sergeant and a veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Storm, and was the Technology and Training Analyst for a billion dollar health care company in California. He left the Health System to become the Chief Information/Chief Technology Officer for a startup dot-com company that went public to a peak market value of $240M.

In 2001, Paul made a bold decision; disenchanted by corporate politics he left his high-profile position in corporate America behind. “I was working in an environment where logic didn’t prevail,” he says. “I did some research and found that with today’s work environment, most people jump around from job to job, and statistically most people have to continue working past retirement age. I knew I had to do something different.” Paul was introduced to network marketing. “The idea of creating consistent and residual income made much more sense to me than what I had previously been doing—trading time for money.”

With 15 years experience in the network marketing industry, Paul understands and appreciates the concept of generating residual income. For Paul, becoming involved with ASEA has been a breath of fresh air.

When Paul makes a commitment, he gives 100 percent, so it’s no surprise that he experienced incredible success in network marketing, building organizations of tens of thousands, earning prestigious positions, and eventually becoming a consultant to the industry. Paul was doing exactly what he wanted to be doing and enjoying the lifestyle benefits of his career, so he had no intention of becoming involved with another company. “I was in a consulting role with regards to information technology systems, and I wasn’t excited to get engaged with any other company because they all seemed the same,” he explains. But then Michael Stern told Paul about ASEA. Paul admits that he always likes to be on the cutting edge—after all, he is a Marine—so the true uniqueness of the product stood out to him.

“ASEA is fundamentally different; it’s not just a nutritional source or vitamin or mineral. The fact that the product is backed by science, research, and patents that protect the technology helped me to recognize the strong potential of this product and the opportunity,” says Paul. In addition to the product, Paul recognized that for him, ASEA represented a complete package. “All the mechanisms were in place,” he says. “The corporate team has integrity and they are committed to doing their best to help us succeed. It’s a great partnership.”

Paul joined ASEA in October 2009, and even though he knew he was part of a pioneering effort, he was excited, knowing that pioneering efforts have considerable rewards. By the end of his first month, Paul achieved Director 300 and Director 700, and before the end of the year, he had achieved both Bronze and Silver Executive. The following year, 2010, proved to be an exemplary one as Paul achieved Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Double Diamond, and then Triple Diamond Executive status in July.

“In January 2010, my team members and I knew we had something remarkable with ASEA. We decided to focus our goals and efforts as a team, and this focus created a wave of activity,” he says. “When the company announced rewards trips, we set the goal to qualify and attend as a team, and we reached our goals time and time again. It was a rush to have the ability to lock arms with brilliant and exceptional people and achieve our goals together.” He continues, “I am participating in the success and support of core individuals. It’s not about me; it’s about wonderful people who go out and find wonderful people. It’s a pay it forward concept and it’s really amazing to experience.”

Paul advises all of his team members to focus on looking for people with qualities and attributes they would like to emulate. “People treat our industry like it’s door-to-door sales. What we are creating with ASEA is time freedom and a legacy retirement income. We are executive recruiters.” He adds, “If you’re looking to build a multi-million dollar company, would you go door to door looking for your vice president? We are looking for the highest-caliber people who want to create change in their own lives.” Paul and his team know that this approach creates a solid, unified team that generates incredible growth.

Consistency and persistence are two aspects that Paul emphasizes with his leaders. “In order to be successful, you must do an activity to build your business every day, and you must be consistent,” he says. One of Paul’s favorite sayings comes from John Wooden, UCLA’s basketball coach who said, “We never focused on the score and we never told players to score points. Every day we just got a little bit better.” Paul applies this same concept with his team—doing something every day to improve.

“When you’re consistent, persistent, and you do something every day to build your business, you’re establishing a behavior pattern—and that’s the most important thing. When you don’t do anything, it’s exponentially damaging because it also sets a pattern. You must do a little every day and keep your business growth in motion.”

For this reason, Paul is a big fan of the ASEA Business Coach (ABC). “The ASEA Business Coach creates daily activity that is fundamental to success. This daily activity helps to create consistent behaviors that lead to good habits being formed,” he says.

Paul is grateful to the ASEA Founders for their ongoing commitment and examples. “These men are flying all around the globe to conduct meetings and events to help us all become successful. Seeing their unwavering commitment to us and to ASEA is inspiring.” Paul also expresses gratitude for his team members and says, “They are the epitome of focus, belief, and passion. We have so much fun together and it’s great to contribute to each other’s success.”

So what’s next for this Triple Diamond Executive? “We are focusing on processes and systems so our team members can learn and duplicate even faster and more efficiently. This will get us to the vertical growth phase!” he exclaims. And for this Marine/pioneer/executive who thrives on being on the cutting edge, ASEA feels like home!

Paul is a member of the ASEA Global Advisory Council, a Founding Diamond leader, Million Dollar Club member, the 2015 Crossline Mentor Award recipient, and the 2015 I Am ASEA Award recipient.