Patty & Alex Manzano

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

It doesn’t just happen, reaching the Diamond ranks at ASEA. Patty Manzano will be the
first to tell you it takes work. She’ll also be the first to tell you that work is not
what it feels like.

“It’s hard to call it full-time work because each day is different,” she says. With
the freedom to plan her business around her own schedule, she has plenty of time to
take care of herself (she loves to exercise) and visit her kids and grandkids while
introducing ASEA to others.

“It’s more a way of life than a job!” she laughs. “I can live anywhere, work from
anywhere, and be in total control of my income and my time.”

Patty sees herself as a messenger for good and for the greatest gifts on the planet.
“Once you take your mind off yourself and think about how you can positively impact
others, this business becomes a lot simpler,” she explains. “All Diamond means is that
I’ve shared with more people.”

Patty’s focus on helping people comes naturally; it’s how she became involved with
ASEA in the first place. From a wellness standpoint, she wasn’t where she wanted to be,
and she was looking for solutions. So she started drinking ASEA® Redox Supplement
and started seeing results. Then it became impossible not to tell people about it, and
Patty was in business.

It was a perfect fit for Patty, a family-oriented person who has been self-employed
for most of her adult life. “It has meant I can be with family when I choose to without
having to ask permission to attend important events in their lives.”

With a work/life balance that fits Patty perfectly, she gets to be there not only
for important events in her personal life, but for important changes in the lives of
those she introduces to ASEA. “Watching good things happen in others’ lives means as
much as any commission I may receive,” she explains. “My goal is to grow personally and
help others do the same.”