Angelika & Oddmund Berger

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

When Oddmund Berger first became aware of ASEA, he wasn’t looking for an opportunity. He’d already enjoyed 16 successful years in another network marketing company, with 11 of those years at the company’s highest level. He’d been named Distributor of the Year, first for Norway and later for all of Europe.

“I decided to evaluate ASEA with an open mind,” Oddmund recalls. He visited Salt Lake City to meet with ASEA’s founders, lead scientists, and senior management. “I was impressed by the people behind the company, their intention and their vision, their openness, the timing, and the unique technology behind the opportunity.”

In March 2015, Oddmund decided to start working with ASEA. Soon his wife, Angelika, joined him. The couple had met in 2000 through their previous network marketing company, where Angelika was named Distributor of the Year for Germany. Now the couple lives in Spain. On some days, Oddmund says, “we move our ‘office’ to the beach and do our calls in the sun or under the umbrella.”

For Oddmund and Angelika, ASEA has proven an ideal vehicle for success. They went Silver within one month, Gold within two months, Platinum within five months, Diamond and Double Diamond within 13 months, and Triple Diamond Executive within 18 months. They’ve reached ASEA’s worldwide top 10 income earner’s list. Oddmund has served on ASEA’s Global Advisory Board since March 2016.

“Our team has grown to stretch from Australia/New Zealand to several countries in Asia and all over North America and Europe,” Oddmund says. “Most of it has been done from home, using modern video-conferencing technology. We also travel to educate and coach our teams and to attend conferences, trainings, and incentive trips.”

The couple’s common purpose is to encourage and inspire people that they possess the power to control their own future. “ASEA is a perfect vehicle to do it with,” says Oddmund. “Not only can we reach millions of people around the world, but we can give every person this vehicle to create what they want out of life.”