Nicola Mannhardt

ASEA Diamond Executive

Nicola Mannhardt has a pioneering spirit and thrives in an atmosphere where she can help others to make positive changes and achieve more with ASEA!

Nicola Mannhardt resides in Germany and has been working in a variety of positions and countries around the world as an entrepreneur in the field of health prevention and maintenance. It would only be a matter of time before she heard of Redox Signaling molecules. When she did, she says, “I was immediately fascinated by the product and the idea behind it. I spent night after night researching to learn more. I had such a positive feeling straight away that I started reading up on the company.” She continues, ” For me, the product and company are of equal importance—where the product comes from, who is responsible for producing it, and what sort of people are working on it—these are closely connected to one another.”

For Nicola, everything about ASEA fit together, so her decision to build an ASEA business was a natural one. Always one to lead by example, she began using ASEA and collecting her own experiences that she could then share with others. She quickly formed a dedicated team, and together, they established clear goals and worked tirelessly to achieve them.

“It was simply an amazing feeling to achieve so much by working together,” she says. Nicola and her team reached their goals, and Nicola also achieved the rank of Diamond Executive and qualified for her first trip to Hawaii! “This filled me with gratitude for my team’s great work. It was a very special experience.”

Her advice to other ASEA associates who want to achieve Diamond Executive status is, “First, begin with clear targets and continually adapt them to the situation and further development. And above everything else to stick at it! Becoming a Diamond Executive is the result, and a fantastic reward, of the day-to-day work and sales in our business.”

Nicola finds joy in helping others to improve and maintain good health, so ASEA’s mission is in perfect harmony with her own. “With ASEA, I can help people get healthier, and make them more aware of the value of prevention,” she says. “I can also give them the opportunity to achieve financial security for themselves, while growing as a person and reaching beyond what are often narrow boundaries.”

An entrepreneur, Nicola recognizes that there will be benefits and challenges every step along the way to building her business. Of this she says, “The biggest advantage is the continuous learning process, the personal growth which comes from the new tasks you can grow into, and also working with a wide range of different people every day.”

For Nicola, the biggest blessing with growing her ASEA business is also her biggest challenge—people. “I have found that many people no longer have any belief in themselves, in the self-healing property of their bodies, or in their wonderful talents and abilities. Convincing people to change how they think and encouraging them to make changes and accept new things are both a challenge and an opportunity.”

This challenge and opportunity is one that Nicola has taken to heart and works on daily with her team. “It is my conviction that people today need to take back responsibility for their own health. ASEA can be very helpful for individuals here because Redox Signaling molecules are a world innovation and breakthrough in health.”

As soon as Nicola and her team achieve one goal, she is quick to define and focus on her next one. “My target is to help at least 20 people to achieve a regular substantial monthly income,” she exclaims. “I also want to keep on encouraging people to take responsibility for their physical and financial health. Doing so will enable me to meet people who, like me, are prepared to take on bigger commercial and financial opportunities with ASEA.”

Nicola and her goal-oriented team have accomplished much and continue to do so with ASEA. Yet she says her proudest accomplishment has been gaining new business partners who understand the vision of ASEA and are transforming their own lives. “These partners see real chances for themselves in this enormous opportunity and are ready for a change in their lives. Each person drives the business on, and everything is always of benefit to everyone in the team. Where else can you find this?” There’s only one answer for Nicola and her team—ASEA!