Miljan Ubiparipovic

ASEA Diamond Executive

Miljan Ubiparipović understands the importance of team work. He has played soccer competitively since he was a young boy, and even played professionally as an adult. And now, he has harnessed the skills, focus, and drive he perfected on the soccer field and applied them to the business field with winning results! For this Diamond Executive, working with his ASEA team to help them achieve success, is his ultimate goal.

Before discovering ASEA, Miljan already operated his own business. But competition was rough in a relatively small market and was a constant challenge, making it difficult for Miljan to create steady success. “I was spinning around in a circle and every month I was sinking deeper and deeper,” he relates. “Unsuccessful, I was in search of change.”

A bitter experience with a previous network marketing company left Miljan unwilling to listen to any other networking opportunities. “After that experience I didn’t want to hear about network marketing. But inside of me, there was the sense of something unfinished. Something was telling me that, because of that bad experience, something beautiful would happen in my life.”

The timing was perfect when Miljan’s friend sent him a link to an ASEA video and asked him to watch it. “While I was watching it, I immediately felt that this is something special and I knew this opportunity is what I’ve been waiting for all these years.”

Miljan decided he wanted to travel to Salt Lake City and meet the Founders and learn more about the Company. He even invited his friend, Joze Pirc to accompany him. “I admire and respect Joze very much, so after one month of discussing it with him, he agreed to go,” he says. The two then went to Utah, and as Miljan says, that is where and when his ASEA story began.

Since joining ASEA, Miljan says that all aspects of his life have been impacted for good. “I have more self confidence, I’m relaxed, and I’m more determined,” he shares. He believes that everyone has the right to become financially independent, yet at the same time, each of us has the duty to help others. That’s why ASEA is the perfect fit for him.

“Money is just a mirror of good and honest work,” he says. “I’m in this business with people that I love, respect, and enjoy spending time with. We are learning and encouraging each other together as we build our ASEA family.”

His advice to others is simple: don’t think about money, failure, or competition. He further explains, “Don’t think about money, because the money will come; think about people. Don’t think about failure, because with this product, failure is impossible. Don’t think about competition, because we don’t have it at ASEA; just think about people.”

Miljan is quick to give credit to his ASEA family for helping him on his journey to success. “I consider everyone in my team a member of my family. To achieve the rank of Diamond Executive is a result of not only my efforts, but the big efforts of my team and my friends. I wish to thank all of them!”