Mathias Audell Ringblom

ASEA Double Diamond Executive

Mathias Ringblom loves to travel. On one of his recent trips, it hit him: “This is the life,” he said to himself.  And to him, it is. He travels for both business and pleasure, and loves spending time with friends and family.

The life Mathias has created with ASEA is what allows him that luxury. It is admittedly a busy life, but it’s far from the rat race he was used to before.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Mathias heard about ASEA at a time when he was at a financial low and had been for about a year. He was seriously doubting himself and needed a way out.

Even so, he was initially drawn in, not by the ASEA opportunity, but by the products. “They looked too good to be true,” he remembers, “and I started thinking, ‘What if?’”

After Mathias saw his mother have a life-changing experience with an ASEA product and he met ASEA Founder Verdis Norton, he felt that compelled to act. And, although he had become a far less-impulsive entrepreneur than he had been in his earlier years, he decided to take the opportunity.  “I knew this was bigger than me,” he says. “It became my mission to tell as many people as I could about ASEA.”

Now a Diamond Executive, Mathias believes anyone can achieve the things he has. “You don’t have to be an expert,” he advises. “A good idea is a good idea. Learn from those who have already achieved success, and go for it.”

Mathias still runs a traditional company that he founded, but says he will never start another one. His ASEA business, a part-time endeavor even at Diamond level, has taken him from what he describes as his lowest of lows to his highest of highs so far. He plans to continue to shift the balance and allow the time he devotes to building with ASEA to take the lead.