Joze Pirc

ASEA Diamond Executive

Joze Pirc used to have an ordinary life. He had a “safe” job, predictable income, and routine daily tasks that were managed by his bosses. But the downside of Joze’s ordinary, predictable life was this—he wasn’t happy. Luckily, Joze had friends in good circles that led and lived the kind of life he wanted to live—a life of choices, freedom, opportunity, and happiness.

“A friend asked me to join a direct marketing business, and that was one of the best things I had ever done in my life. Was I scared? Absolutely!” he admits. “But it was a pleasant kind of fear, as I soon realized that everything would depend on me and my response to whatever happened.”

Eventually, Joze learned about ASEA from a business associate, and at first, he had no interest—until he met the founders of ASEA. Meeting them personally and discovering that they are honest people with vision and integrity is what sealed the deal for Joze. He made the decision to join ASEA and build his team because he loves the lifestyle that networking affords him.

“I love life and enjoy it to the fullest, and I love having people with character around me—people who stand behind their words and their deeds,” he says. “This business makes such a life possible and it also makes it possible to meet such people all around the world.”

Joze started off with one package of ASEA and diligently began building his business. “This business is hard,” he admits. “It’s hard because you have to change as a person; you have to change your habits, and you have to change your relationships with other people. Integrity is the only thing that gets you to the top, there are no shortcuts.”

Starting a business with ASEA is exciting and rewarding. For this reason, Joze’s advice to all new team members is, “Trust the person who introduced you to the opportunity and listen to them. Then all the dreams you ever dreamed will be fulfilled. Not in a month, not in a year, but why hurry? The path leading to the goal is full of tiny bits of happiness and lovely surprises.”

For Joze, one lovely surprise that he experienced was achieving the rank of Diamond Executive. It was all the result of teamwork. He and his team set a goal—they wanted to qualify and make it to Hawaii. With this common goal in mind, they worked tirelessly to achieve it, and they did! His advice to others who want to achieve their dreams is, “Focus on the business, have clear-cut goals, and devote your attention to personal growth. It just cannot be done without growing as a person.”

When it comes to building his team, Joze grows his business in the way that he enjoys it most. He organizes seminars, one-on-one training sessions, and is utilizing the Internet, webinars, and social media.

Now, if you were to ask Joze to describe his life, the words ordinary, predictable, or unhappy would never come out of his mouth. “ASEA is a business that allows me to live my life the way that I want. I travel the world, have friends all over the world, and I can do business anywhere in the world,” he says. Joze is living the lifestyle that he has always dreamed of having. More importantly, he has a strong desire to help others to achieve the same. “All too many people have stopped dreaming, allowing their bosses, their partners, or their parents, to kill their dreams. This is the reason we are here—to be free and to have control over our own lives.”

Joze says that ASEA has turned his life upside down, in a positive way because now his life is wonderful. This goal-focused entrepreneur has a thriving business and has realized many of his dreams. Yet he says, “I get the most satisfaction from seeing the happy faces of those who use ASEA and finally get rid of the problems that have been pestering them for years. Those who take the business seriously make me very proud. It’s obvious we’re doing a great thing with ASEA!”