Jouko & Mallu Saarinen

ASEA Diamond Executive

What do a farm, a bed and breakfast, a café, and a massage therapy clinic have in common? Jouko and Mallu Saarinen. Their shared 30-year history of entrepreneurial business ownership spans a variety of disciplines, but its strongest roots are in wellness. With their backgrounds in sports massage and physical therapy, they ran their clinic for 20 years and eventually chose a direct sales company to help them add inside-out nutrition to their outside-in therapy.

Jouko and Mallu’s first direct sales venture lasted 15 years and showed them that the wellness lifestyle suited them, especially when paired with time and financial freedom. So, when the company had to pull its support from Finland, it took something from their life they wanted to replace. In due time, they found their replacement in a substantial new opportunity built around advanced redox science.

When they were introduced to ASEA, the two of them were running a farm and a bed and breakfast on the outskirts of their town, Punkalaidun. At the same time, they also had a café they were operating in the town center. While this setup provided them with their own “inside-out, outside-in” entrepreneurial wellbeing, they recognized the need for a wellness business that offered a similar approach to health.

“The first thing that attracted us to ASEA was obviously our sponsor, Triple Diamond Executive Oddmund Berger,” says Jouko. “His leadership, coaching, and confidence made the decision to join very easy. But on top of that, the story behind ASEA presented a huge opportunity based on unique new science and technology. With a solid compensation plan behind it, we had to make ASEA our home.”

They’ve kept the farm and the bed and breakfast. After all, they still enjoy their entrepreneurial freedom to design a diverse, fulfilling life that fits into a flexible calendar.

“We work full time, but not all the time,” summarizes Mallu. “It’s a very goal-oriented lifestyle. Sometimes it takes an entire day’s efforts to reach our daily goal, but many days we can find the same success in a few hours. The important thing is to clarify your goals, both short-term and long-term, and then work with your team to keep a successful rhythm throughout the week.”