John & Mildren McMinn

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

John and Mildren McMinn have always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit.
That’s one reason why they have chosen to be self-employed in the network
marketing industry for the past 20 years, where they have experienced great success. In
addition to their success, being in the industry has helped the McMinns develop a keen
eye for unique products and stand-out opportunities. So when their friend, Alan Noble,
told them about ASEA, they of course took notice, and knew they had to find out

“We were first drawn to ASEA because of the product, but our initial interest
was followed quickly by the opportunity,” says John. “When Alan told us how
well he was doing with ASEA, we thought, ‘Why not us?’” Their can-do
attitude is one reason why the McMinns are successful at anything they do. Once they
set their minds to accomplishing a goal, they do it!

John took the opportunity to fly to ASEA headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, where
he met with people who had incredible results with the product. “After this trip,
we both knew that we could not, not do ASEA!” he explains. John returned home and
he and Mildred went straight to work.

“From the very first week of having the product we had amazing results, so we
were sure the business opportunity was a great decision, especially with the timing and
potential,” he shares. Within three weeks, the McMinns had already signed up 19
associates to their team! “ASEA is a one-of-a-kind product that is unique and
impacting so many lives. We know ASEA is right for us because of the product and the
opportunity. The timing of both couldn’t be better.”

As Diamond Executives, John and Mildred are very excited and already have plans to
reach Double and Triple Diamond this next year. Part of their plan includes helping as
many of their team members as they can to reach Triple Diamond status with them, also.
Of their success, John says, “If we can do it, others can do it, too!” He
advises, “Do a plan and work it consistently. Just do it, and don’t let
anything stand in your way.”

“Stay focused on the end result that you want to achieve, whether it’s
hitting Bronze, Gold, or Diamond! Focus on what you do have, not on what you
don’t have.” – John and Mildred McMinn

Together, the McMinns build their business through weekly and monthly meetings,
webinars, one-to-one meetings, Skype calls, and business lunches. They utilize all of
ASEA’s promotions and help their associates qualify for Bronze and Gold Camps as
well as Diamond events. “We encourage all of our team members to become
independent, and to structure their business for residual income for their long-term
success,” says John. To accomplish this, the McMinns advise their associates to
take it a step at a time. “First, become a product of the product. Get your
business off to a solid, fast start, and focus on qualifying a level at a time to
create a steady income,” he says.

John and Mildred are quick to express gratitude to their upline team and sponsors.
“They have all been very supportive to us through phone calls, conference calls,
and webinars,” says John.

As entrepreneurs, the McMinns say that ASEA has given them more of what they were
looking for in life. “The opportunity has provided us with increased freedom and
more time to spend with our three children and eight grandchildren,” he shares.
“As for the product, we both feel more energy, we sleep better, and we have a
really good feeling of well-being.”

Of course, there are many perks to being involved with ASEA, and the McMinns have
experienced many and have plans to experience many more. “ASEA has afforded us
the luxury of travelling to exotic places like Hawaii,” says John. However, when
asked what they enjoy most about their involvement with ASEA, it’s an easy
question to answer. “Seeing people we care about grow in the business, and the
many results with the product!”