Jerry & Marcia White

ASEA Ambassador Diamond Executive

Together, Jerry and Marcia White are creating a tidal wave of success with their team. They have big goals, but they recognize the importance of celebrating each step and mile marker along their journey. Their success stems from their solid foundation as a couple and in their firm belief to help others feel important and a sense of belonging. ASEA has helped the Whites to expand their vision of what it means to belong to something bigger than they ever imagined possible.

The Whites had been involved in the network marketing industry for 18 years prior to joining ASEA. But unlike their previous experience, Marcia sums up their ASEA participation in a single phrase—”It has been like a fairly tale!” she exclaims.

Jerry adds, “For so many years I’ve worked so hard, it’s like digging a huge hole only to find a bean. With ASEA, I feel like I’m picking away at a huge canyon wall, only to have it crumble off and reveal a wall of solid gold underneath. The success and opportunities we are enjoying are huge blessings.” He continues, “ASEA is benefitting us and so many others because it works! It works because of the corporate structure, the compensation plan, and the product.”

“People literally change with ASEA. They respect themselves again. There’s no greater gift to us than to watch these people becoming.” – Jerry White

With ASEA, Jerry and Marcia feel like they have discovered founding leadership with a direction. “This is a generational company with both Verdis and Tyler Norton, so the wisdom is compounded and will continue to grow, which means as leaders, we will continue to grow and benefit also,” says Jerry.

The Whites joined ASEA in November 2012, and in a short time they have sprinted through the ranks to achieve Diamond in May 2013, and Double Diamond one month later. As Double Diamonds, they have enjoyed many of ASEA’s renowned perks such as the Mediterranean Cruise and the Leadership Retreat in Star Valley, Wyoming. Yet they both agree that the best part of being with ASEA is the opportunity it has afforded them to become the people that they are now. In November, the Whites achieved the rank of Triple Diamonds, celebrating their one-year anniversary with a bang.

“Being involved with ASEA has changed everything about the way I think, and when I changed the way I think, everything in life changed,” Jerry explains. Marcia adds, “Now when I look at my husband, he’s excited about life again and I’m excited to be with him. This has been a time of hope, blessings, and renewal.” The Whites say that they now view their life of working their ASEA business together as a magnificent adventure.

When asked about their next goal, Jerry exclaims, “To go nuts!” and laughs. “We have a burning desire every day to help people feel this magical success that we are experiencing. So many people are under water, in certain aspects of their lives, that they can’t be the people who make a difference. Our people all have a tremendous desire to make a difference. We want to help them to come above water so they have the time and energy to become the difference makers that they are built to be.”

“People who have a hunger to change the quality of their lives can do it with ASEA.”
– Marcia White

The Whites say that success for them is rooted in their firm beliefs. “Belief provides leverage for quality of life,” says Jerry, who tells his team members to believe in their belief. “If people strongly believe in their reason, or why, for being in this business, then that belief will always prevail.” Next, the Whites tell their team to constantly evaluate how to leverage the network. “Pencil out the power of the network and geometric growth,” he says. “Our goal is to get each of our team members to the point where they are confidently interdependent, so they can be the leader and expert in their area.”

Lastly, Marcia adds, “Think of each prospect as a partner in an amazing journey. Know what they want, find out what their expertise is, and help them to realize their importance.” Jerry adds, “Most of us think that we’re supposed to sell product or the opportunity. But what we have realized is that the greatest desire people have is to feel important and that they are a part of something good. With ASEA, we can finally do that! It’s so fun to see people come alive again. They have confidence in what they are doing and where they are going!” For Jerry and Marcia, helping others to Believe, Belong, and Become with ASEA is what they do best!