Erv & Marian Struble

ASEA Diamond Executive

Erv and Marian Struble strive to make a positive difference any way they can at any moment that presents itself. It”s a part of their legacy they are now seeing come to fruition with ASEA.

High-school sweethearts Erv and Marian Struble are enjoying life to the fullest ever since they joined ASEA. “We both have better health and a new zest for life in our senior years,” says Marian. “We feel younger than ever and this business has given us back an opportunity to have some fun and reap the rewards of a lifetime of hard work.”

Erv spent 28 years in Corrections and then lost his job, along with the majority of his retirement, and was working as a courier when they were introduced to ASEA. Marian is a certified Life Coach, author, and speaker. Together, they had tried network marketing, but never experienced any significant success. Neither had any intention of getting into the industry seriously again, but Marian viewed ASEA as an opportunity to make a few hundred dollars each month.

After adding a few key associates to her team, Marian quickly realized the financial opportunities with ASEA were amazing. “I have always known that network marketing was a brilliant business model when with the right company, ethos, and product. This compensation plan is far above anything I had ever looked at before,” she says. Erv took a watch-and-see approach to ASEA. He says, “After being very skeptical of both the product and business, I decided to jump on board when I saw the success Marian was having. I also was drawn to the integrity of the founders and the stories and testimonies I was hearing from people getting results.”

The Strubles have enough experience to recognize the true and unique value they found with ASEA. “This is a category creator one-of-a-kind product that addresses multiple markets, with a customizable business plan for those who just want product paid for, all the way up to someone who wants a huge income. The timing of this opportunity couldn”t be better and it”s only going to go up from here,” she says.

When they were involved in networking years ago, they always had a strong desire to reach an executive rank level because it represented leadership and the opportunity to influence people for the better in even bigger ways. Marian”s determination on attaining this level was so focused that she even used to sleep on a pillowcase that said Sleep On Diamond Tonight. When they reached Diamond Executive status with ASEA, you can only imagine their excitement!

Marian says, “It was as if we had been prepared for this moment all our lives. It was a moment full of humble gratitude and exhilaration to have finally made this long-term goal!” Erv adds, “For me, it took a few minutes to set in because I had always thought this level didn”t happen to ordinary everyday people. But when you stop to think about it, this business is made up of ordinary people doing extraordinary work, consistently!”

“Don”t be emotionally attached to the yes or the no! Your job is to invite and follow up. The rest is up to them. Believe in you, your team, and never quit!” – Marian & Erv Struble

It”s this focus on doing extraordinary work consistently that has propelled Erv and Marian to outstanding success and the opportunity to realize many dreams, including two that have been on their bucket list for years. “For Erv, we were able to see a game at Yankee Stadium, and for me, we saw a Broadway play. To be able to have the time to work and play is something neither of us have had much of since we worked hard from the time we were teens!” she says.

Erv and Marian are strong proponents of the motto that this business is a marathon, not a sprint. “Keep your eye on the goal,” she shares. “Just keep doing the daily work of planting seeds by talking to people, sharing a tool, and following up. You will reap a harvest if you plant the seeds consistently.”

The Strubles are people-oriented individuals and thrive on seeing others experience happiness and success, so the benefits they enjoy with ASEA are far reaching. “We love the association with the wonderful heart-based associates who really care about others, and the chance to be with other leaders who inspire us and cause us to grow,” she says.

Materially, they both agree that they have experienced more than they ever dreamed possible. Erv was able to retire a year and half after they joined ASEA, and had replaced the retirement he lost residually within two years. “We”ve been able to travel, pay cash for things we needed, give to causes that are important to us, and have the time live life more fully.”

Most importantly, Erv and Marian know that with ASEA, they have a place they can truly call home. “It has given us a way to really use our leadership skills and to impact people. We love people and believe that everyone has the seeds of greatness inside and we want to help them unlock those seeds and make a difference for themselves, their families, and the world,” she says. “With ASEA, we can really create a legacy that will last generations, impacting the lives of others in every way.”