Dr. Stan & Cristie Gardner

ASEA Diamond Executive

The Gardners seemed like the perfect fit for ASEA right from the start. Stan’s approach to caring for his patients in his medical practice can be summed up in his mantra: to provide alternatives to drugs and surgery. Cristie’s zeal for life and magnetic personality are a reflection of her mantra: a step outside your comfort zone is a step into your miracle zone. With the two together, you can only imagine that when they learned about ASEA, they must have been ecstatic! Well, not quite. They had previously spent three years in another company and had become disillusioned with the MLM ethos, so when their good friend, Trish Schwenkler told them about ASEA, they were both initially very resistant.

“Fortunately, Trish’s kind and subtle efforts opened the door for us to want to learn more about ASEA,” Cristie explains. Stan took a serious look at the science behind ASEA, and although the two had resolved to never become involved in network marketing again, they couldn’t ignore the facts behind the product. And needless to say, Stan became very excited! “The product was most attractive to me because it could add elements to my practice that were needed,” he says.

With all of their children grown up and moving on, Cristie found she had more free time. But she wasn’t willing to do just anything with her time and efforts; she was looking for something she was passionate about and could actively be a part of. The Gardners were also entering a new stage in their lives where they were beginning to recognize the importance of residual income.

“Just like everyone else, I’m a work in progress, and ASEA is the vehicle that helps us to become our best selves.” – Cristie Gardner

Stan and Cristie knew the product was solid, so next they decided to do their homework on the company and the business opportunity. “We quickly realized the Founders are astute business men, with a heart,” shares Cristie. “Both Verdis and Jim are already financially well off, so they could have sold the technology or simply passed on it. But they have a greater commitment to the people in ASEA, and we have a common bond as Associates, to share this incredible new discovery with others.” Stan adds, “Verdis has set a world standard for how to build a solid company, so that then set a standard for how we can build ours.”

“Initially, ASEA was just going to be my gig,” Cristie laughs. “But the more we learned about ASEA, the more excited we became about working together!” The Gardners began sharing ASEA with friends, family, and associates. Stan has been using ASEA with his patients for the past two years and seen remarkable results. “Its ability to improve the body’s ability to heal itself is nothing short of astounding,” he says.

Working as a team, Stan and Cristie recognize that success requires decision and action, so Cristie encourages all of their Associates to make a decision to take consistent action. “Make a decision and move forward past distractions, making constant course corrections as you continue to progress.” Stan adds, “Identify your resources that are unique to you, and develop them to your full advantage while learning from your upline the proven principles for success in ASEA. Don’t reinvent the wheel.”

Their ability to cultivate and maintain strong relationships with others has also helped the Gardners experience wonderful success at ASEA, achieving Diamond status and qualifying for and attending the European cruise. “That cruise was the highlight of the year!” says Stan. Their next goal is to reach Double Diamond.

“We are on the ground floor of the greatest health breakthrough of the past century with ASEA, and the business model is being run by some of the greatest business minds in the world.” – Dr. Stan Gardner

The Gardners’ ambition is to help each of their Associates to achieve their personal goals and success, and they know this can be a reality with ASEA. “The lives that have been changed physically with the product, are a big accomplishment,” says Stan. “Another huge accomplishment is the mental and emotional changes that have taken place in the lives of our Associates as they have faced their fears and moved forward in their lives.”

Together, the Gardners say that at ASEA, they are home. “This fits my life purpose and passion on so many levels,” says Cristie. “I get to work with my husband and help others enjoy better health while becoming their best self.” Stan adds, “ASEA has opened the way for a retirement that is filled with purpose and service.”

For all those who are looking for the same opportunities the Gardners are experiencing—helping others succeed and be their best, living a healthy life, enjoying increased residual income, and more—they say, “Welcome to ASEA! Welcome home!”