Dr. Foster & Terri Malmed

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

Foster and Terri Malmed are dedicated—to each other, to their family, and to their new-found business as entrepreneurs with ASEA. Foster is a chiropractic physician in a hospital and the director of education for a national orthotic company. Terri is a former personal trainer who has discovered that she can help more people transform their lives in increased ways with ASEA than she ever could as a trainer. Together, Foster and Terri are a synergistic team with contagious positive energy and a mission to share ASEA.

In 2010, a friend contacted Foster about a sports performance product and asked him to give his professional opinion. The product was ASEA. They began drinking the product and after just three days, Terri couldn’t believe the positive difference she saw in her health. “We thought ASEA was a sports performance drink, but when Foster began noticing positive changes, we knew we had to find out more about ASEA,” says Terri.

Foster read Dr. Samuelson’s book, The Science of Healing Revealed and he knew they had their hands on something really big. Together, they flew out and met the founders—all before the company had officially launched. “We were amazed by the caliber of the people we met and the stories we heard, so we were excited to go home and share the product with everyone we knew,” says Terri.

Foster had conducted research on redox biochemistry, so he knew its efficacy and safety, and he began using ASEA with his hospital patients. “Things really took a turn for me when one of my favorite patients saw life-changing results by using ASEA,” says Foster. “The more I shared ASEA with my patients, the more stories like this I would see and hear. My conviction about ASEA grew in leaps and bounds.”

Terri also has a strong conviction about ASEA, but she never had any intention of pursuing the business opportunity. “After hearing so many stories and having people come to us in tears about how ASEA has impacted their lives for the better, I decided I had to start sharing the opportunity,” she says. Before they knew it, the Malmeds were earning spots on ASEA’s amazing rewards trips, plus a nice paycheck! “We didn’t even know what we were doing,” laughs Terri. “We just knew we were passionate about sharing ASEA with people every day.”

Foster and Terri decided on two things early on: first, they would never quit, and second, not making the next rank was not an option. Their determination, coupled with their hard work, has earned them the status of being recognized and celebrated as Diamond Executives. The Malmeds are quick to give credit to their Triple Diamond mentors who call them on a daily basis and, in the beginning, held them accountable for goal statements and specific training every day.

“Sue Brenchley was our first mentor and we had to call her for our first 30 days and read our goal statement to her,” says Foster. “We now duplicate this model with our team members and have everyone create vision boards to help them visualize and focus on their goals.” Terri continues, “We are big on creating and reading goal statements with our team. Goals are just dreams with deadlines.” Along with goals and vision boards, Foster and Terri have learned the importance of personal development through training with their upline. “If you want to be successful, you must change your mindset and think like successful people think,” explains Foster. “It’s a mindset that we continue to work on and develop together and as a team every day.”

While the Fosters have enjoyed the health and financial benefits of ASEA, there’s an intangible, inevitable change that occurs when you’re reaching out to help others. “I used to be a wallflower,” insists Terri. But her conviction about the product changed her life and gave her the determination and confidence to boldly talk to others about ASEA. “I have always known that Terri is a dynamo,” says Foster. “This entire experience—the product, the mentoring, the personal growth—it has helped her to develop into the strong amazing woman that I have always known she is.” Terri adds, “Foster has always been revered, respected, and the rock star in his office. It’s so exciting to see how he is now able to help his patients in ways that he never could before.”

“Working together is our dream because we aren’t just husband and wife who are business partners, we’re best friends,” says Terri. “Our talents, skills, and personalities complement one another,” adds Foster. “One of our mottos is: we are doing now what others won’t do, so in the near future, we can do what other’s can’t, which is having the freedom to do what we want to do with our family, when we want to do it!”

Their advice to others looking to duplicate their success is simply this: “Follow the leader!” says Terri.

Foster and Terri know that alongside helping others with ASEA, they will soon have the opportunity to pursue lifelong dreams. For example, Terri’s dream is to create charitable foundations to provide and care for neglected children and animals. Foster’s ambition is to change the way hospitals approach health care by looking at the role of prevention first. They are also creating a legacy of working hard and dreaming big for their four daughters. “They see how ASEA is a business of helping others, and this has changed our girls’ perspectives on their futures. They realize that they can do anything!” he says.

The Malmeds now know with confidence that their future is one filled with excitement, growth, and freedom. “Before ASEA, there was always too much month at the end of the money,” says Foster. “ASEA has changed everything. We have hope again; we have certainty. This is a freedom and sense of elation that everybody dreams of—and it is now our reality.”