Dr. Dennis & Julie Downey

ASEA Diamond Executive

Dennis and Julie Downey have tasted the fruits of success from their hard work and talents combined. A dentist, Dennis had a successful practice for 30 years and is also a professional artist. Julie owned and operated The Downey Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico for more than 20 years. Together, this dynamic duo is combining their skills, talents, and passion into their newfound ASEA business to create incredible success that will span the globe.

Dennis and Julie have always had a love for the arts. Dennis has been an oil painter his entire life and even got a scholarship to study in New York upon completion of high school. “I come from a family of physicians, so my parents told me I could be an artist after I received my doctorate,” says Dennis. He turned down the scholarship and instead

attended dental school. After school, he moved to Santa Fe where he met Julie, established his practice, and became a well respected dentist.

“Many of his patients were local artists who would invite Dennis to their studios and teach him painting techniques,” says Julie. He continued painting and soon his paintings were placed in both local and national galleries and museums. Julie spent much of her time promoting his paintings at galleries, so she instead decided to open her own art gallery in their hometown of Santa Fe. “It just made sense to continue doing what I was doing and open my own gallery,” says Julie, whose list of close friends includes many artists.

“The power of network marketing with ASEA has given me a way to reach, train, teach, and care for people in a manner that I have never had the ability to do.” – Dennis Downey

When the recession hit a few years ago, it took an especially hard toll on the art world. “We began looking around for another opportunity to help us and many of our dear friends who were artists,” says Julie. Cindy Buck told the Downeys about ASEA, but they took their time. “Once we took a good look at ASEA, we knew it stood out as something different, something very good,” she says. They listened to intuition, purchased product, and then attended convention in 2010. “I heard miraculous story after story, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it!” says Julie. Dennis’s medical background, of course, gave him the desire to know and understand the science behind ASEA. “After learning more about the product, we were blown away,” he says. “We were on board and we began to work!”

The Downeys have a large network of friends, associates, and patients from the art gallery and Dennis’s dental practice, so they immediately began telling their contacts about ASEA. “Many of our friends and contacts are artists who, at the time, were really struggling to make a living. Providing them with an entirely new business opportunity with ASEA was really a big deal for many of them,” says Julie.

“We love to dream big and we love to be pioneers. With ASEA, we know we can do both and teach our team members to do the same. ASEA is changing people’s health and wellness in a way that has never been seen before.” – Julie Downey

Turning points happen all throughout our lives, and for Dennis and Julie, a significant one came for them after they attended the launch of ASEA in Rome. “We came home and realized that if we didn’t do ASEA, we were always going to look back and wish we did. That’s when we made the bold decision to close The Downey Gallery and work our ASEA business full time,” says Julie. Dennis adds, “It’s amazing how when you make a decision, all things tend to fall in place. We didn’t necessarily have the skills to go Platinum or Diamond, but our mantra was: failure is not an option. Our only choice was to leap forward. Now we are attaining skills and knowledge and we are surrounded by incredibly supportive people.”

The Downey’s passion for ASEA is rooted in their belief system. “The ethos of the company and product are right in line with how we live our lives,” says Julie. “Everything and everyone is of high integrity.” Dennis continues, “We know that ASEA is a category creator—there’s nothing like it on the market. ASEA has the technology to changes lives, and we’re still at the tip of the iceberg of realizing just how much this product can do!”

Dennis and Julie are grateful for the genuine support, training, and mentoring they have received from their upline. “We used to be lone rangers and thought we could set out and do this business on our own. We quickly realized that with help, our efforts become a team effort,” says Julie. Dennis agrees, “Our upline insisted that we become educated and efficient in the ASEA model and personal development. They sent us CDs and called us to ensure that we were receiving the training we needed to progress.”

The Downeys now consider themselves students of the ASEA model because they are committed to their business and their team for life. “It’s been a great benefit for me to learn more through this model because I love to learn. I’ve had a variety of training through dental school and developing my artistic abilities that I’m grateful for, and now I’m excited about my new vocation with ASEA,” he says.

“When I owned my art gallery, I was very tied to it and didn’t have the opportunity to do many other things,” says Julie. “With ASEA, we now have the time freedom to travel together and help our team. We have met so many wonderful people that we would have never met if it weren’t for ASEA.”

Julie and Dennis believe in the power of setting goals in order to see them become reality, so naturally, they already have their next goal in their line of vision. “We are going to be Triple Diamond by August 1 this year,” says Dennis. “We believe in dreaming big and doing small things now that will help us to live those big dreams,” says Julie. “It’s so very exciting because with ASEA, we are able to connect with and help more people than we ever imagined.”