Dr. David & Wendy Silverman

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

Dr. David Silverman is no stranger to network marketing. David was introduced to ASEA through someone at his previous company, where he was extremely successful. When ASEA Double Diamond Debbie Wetzler heard that David’s father was about to undergo some very serious medical treatments, she approached her friend. “David, I love you and I have to tell you about this product for your Dad’s health; I just couldn’t NOT tell you!,” David relates. He began investigating the product and was soon sharing it with family and friends. However, it wasn’t until his good friend and classmate from podiatry school gave David his own personal testimonial of the product that Dr. Silverman decided he was going to pursue the ASEA opportunity wholeheartedly.

David says the secret to success with this business is having personal belief in four things: The product, the company, network marketing, and yourself. “If you can’t believe in any one of these four areas, it’s going to be much harder for you to win at this. If you’re weak in any of these aspects, you’ve got to work on your own belief first, before you can expect someone else to believe in what you’re sharing with them.”

Dr. Silverman recommends that the best thing any Associate can do to help themselves advance is to attend a corporate convention. He says, “You’ll meet other people and hear their stories; you’ll meet the Founders and see what good men they are; you’ll really start to understand the company as a whole and see the ‘big picture’ and the vision!”

Leaving his former company was a risk, but he knew it was the right choice. He says that he has been approached at one time or another by every networking company there is, but ASEA was the first one that he really couldn’t find any fault with. “Really, everything is just top notch: the product and its patents, the management team, the overall company, the compensation plan — it’s absolutely the best.”

He also recommends that associates work on their own self-motivation too, and that it’s absolutely necessary to be coachable. David mentions that it helps to be a genuinely nice person, and understand up front that you will need a lot of patience — because success won’t happen overnight. He feels that if you are consistent with your commitment, however much time that is, and you listen to your upline and you work hard, then “it’s a done deal!”

Having an attitude of gratitude is also extremely important to David. He says he is so grateful for his wife, Wendy, and their three children, Max, Flory, and Brett, and the freedom that ASEA provides them as a family. “You have to learn or remind yourself to not take things for granted, especially your family, and for me, those in my upline who have helped me so much.”

Lastly, when asked to share the final piece of advice he would give to anyone who’s trying to build an ASEA business, David says, “Keep sharing this opportunity with people, educate them about why they need it, and the part about the opportunity will naturally come in. And then you just need to: Run with the Runners, Walk with the Walkers, and Stop with the Stoppers!”