Deni & Tom Robinson

ASEA Presidential Diamond Executive

Deni and Tom have four children, two grandchildren, and they recently built their dream home in Washington state. Deni has over 20 years experience in the direct sales and relationship marketing industry. In fact, it is how she put Tom through college and graduate school. She has been a top manager in the nation, earned 10 company cars, and has received numerous awards in other network marketing companies. They are passionate about health, wellness, and making a difference to humanity.

Deni and Tom got married at the early age of 20, and although you would never know it to look at them, Deni and Tom now have four children and two grandchildren. In the beginning Deni needed to find a way to put her new husband through school but in doing so she ended up stumbling on her true calling in the network marketing industry. After seeing a brochure from a health and wellness company that promised her that she could make her financial dreams a reality, she dove in head first and began the upward climb.

“I know that if I could really make a difference for people at the base of who we all are, there is nothing more impactful that I can do with my life. And for some reason, it is exciting for me to know that I can impact thousands upon thousands of people, that may never even know my name, but simply through the ripple effect. My greatest legacy on earth is, of course, my children. But I have always wanted to do something else. Obviously, I’m not going to become a doctor or a scientist, but to be able to truly make a difference, that is my mission.”
– Deni Robinson

During the next few years their family grew, Tom became a CPA, and Deni’s business became even more successful. Then Deni decided to search for a new product that could help enhance people’s lives. The product that she found came attached with an opportunity, one that could help the world. That product was ASEA. “I used to tell people that nobody ever came up to me with tears in their eyes and said, ‘Deni Robinson, thank you so much, you keep my food so fresh!’ But when I realized that I could really make a difference in people’s health and wellness, I thought, this is what I want to do with my life. Having met Verdis Norton and James Pack, seeing their integrity and conviction, I was so excited to go out and share this with as many people as I could, as quickly as I could!”

“There are so many people struggling right now in many different ways, certainly financially! But it has been wonderful to bring the hope back, to get people excited about something new and different, and not so caught up in this crazy world. There seems to be a ray of sunshine in that.”
– Tom Robinson

Tom jumped on the ASEA bandwagon and in a very short time they advanced from Director 700 to Diamond Executives. Combining local meetings and the 20/20 Club they remained, “constant and diligent, which is what this business is all about, consistent, focused, repetitive actions.” And now, thanks to their hard work, Deni and Tom are Presidential Diamond Executives!

Obviously Deni and Tom are true success stories. Deni reminds herself daily that, “if you start right where you are, go as far as you can see, once you get there you’ll be able to see even farther! Make a plan and put it into action. And always remember that is this industry it’s not just about what you do, it’s how you are able to duplicate your actions through your downline.” Tom adds, “We are investing in Associates, not employees. We will be successful as we help them to achieve success.”