Colleen Murray

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

Colleen has a background in nursing, she ran a family practice office, had her own
weight loss center, and was briefly involved in real-estate. She was introduced to
network marketing 18 years ago and fell in love with the concept of helping people to
help themselves. She has been on the advisory boards of two companies and featured in
both Success Magazine and Your Business at Home. At ASEA, Colleen finally feels like
she has found a home. ASEA has given her the opportunity to help many people with their
personal and financial health during a very difficult economic time.

Colleen is a mother of three sons, one daughter, and one grand-daughter. She loves
to spend time with her family paddle boarding at the beach, and as a resident of sunny
Florida she can do that just about any time!

Colleen was first introduced to ASEA by her good friend Sue Brenchley. Always a
thoughtful friend, Sue was aware that Colleen was having one of the most difficult
times in her life. Colleen was suffering through a family tragedy, the loss of her son,
which threatened to pull her life apart. Sue explained that during times of extreme
stress, “your immune system can be hit worse than it has ever been. ASEA will
help protect it.” Although Colleen was not really in the frame of mind to apply
herself wholeheartedly to an investigation of the product, she trusted her friend and
gave ASEA a chance.

During the following year many people in the industry heard that Colleen was taking
some time off. She received almost 30 network marketing products along with offers to
join various companies. “ASEA was the only product of significance that I tried.
After being in nursing for so many years and seeing the side effects of prescription
medications, I always try to go with the natural and alternative products.”
Having seen results first hand, Colleen decided to research the company.

“I wish that my son had lived to try this product; I know that it could have
made a difference for him. I have been through many challenges in my life, but
nothing like the loss of my son. If I can help even one family by spreading the news
about ASEA and the opportunity that it provides, then every moment I dedicate to this
product is worth it to me.”- Colleen Murray

With her life and family gaining stability, Colleen decided that she again wanted
the opportunity to work in an industry that “helped people help
themselves.” With a long history in network marketing, Colleen was able to spot a
great company with a life-changing product. She was also able to determine the quality
of person engaged in the company by the way that Sue approached her in her time of
need. “In the beginning, Sue didn’t approach me about the business, she was
aware that the last thing I was looking for was a new industry opportunity.”

In late 2010, Colleen made the decision to fully engage with ASEA. In March of 2012
she became ASEA’s newest Double Diamond Executive. She credits her incredible
achievement to, “knowing where people are at in their life and never pushing an
agenda. I believe that equally as many people in this world suffer due to the financial
stresses in life as the physical. ASEA is a company that can help with both.”