César Núñez & Judith Gómez

ASEA Ambassador Diamond Executive

A day in the life of César Núñez starts with giving thanks. From there, he moves on to his Daily Dozen—reviewing his own goals and dreams. In just two steps, César is primed for a fresh, focused start, day in and day out.

Adding names to his list of prospects, 30 minutes of reading or listening to a self-development book, scheduling a meeting, sharing an opportunity—these four tasks round out the first part of his Daily Dozen and provide an uncomplicated framework for living a fulfilling life.

For César, personal development is the first and most important part of business growth: “Books and audiobooks, as well workshops, have given me the confidence to grow my business and influence other people to achieve their greatest potential,” he says.

César’s Daily Dozen goes on to include: Follow up, make ten calls to say hello and promote, use your ASEA products, review a positive affirmation, look at what you did and didn’t accomplish in the day, and make a list of what you will do tomorrow.

Before joining ASEA, César had similar good habits and success in place, and yet, his professional satisfaction was stagnant. “I was financially stable,” he says, “but I felt incomplete professionally because I had not found the right platform where I could grow.”

His search for completeness sent him looking for a departure from the norm. After a year of sizing up the opportunities around him, ASEA stood out, and César was eager to it a shot.

“I put the product to the test with people who had severe health challenges,” he says, “and I witnessed an almost immediate positive response. I bought into the idea of taking this opportunity all over Mexico.”

When asked where he would be now without his ASEA business, he simply states, “I honestly don’t know where I would be, but I do know I wouldn’t feel as complete.”