Bobby & Jeri Martin

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

Bobby and Jeri Martin have always enjoyed helping propel others toward success. Now
with ASEA, they know they have the opportunity to help others enjoy increased health as

Bobby and Jeri Martin have been retired from corporate America for years. They both
built and created success in traditional business and had acquired significant residual
income when they sold their businesses. But what these two entrepreneurs didn’t
realize is that even though they may have retired, their passion for connecting with
and helping others did not retire.

“After attending a Meet ASEA meeting in July 2011, we were sold on the
company, the product, and our upline. It all made perfect sense,” says Bobby.
“We realized that this opportunity was now our obligation because we wanted to
help Verdis Norton reach his goal of sharing ASEA with the world.”

The Martins’ conviction in ASEA was strengthened by the fact that they both
experienced positive results with the product. Not only did they see the product
transform their lives, they began to see it transform the lives of those they were
sharing it with.

Together, with the help and coaching of their upline, the Martins began holding
weekly luncheon meetings in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “We worked with our upline
Diamond to set goals and establish a daily method of operation to get us to where we
wanted to be,” says Bobby.

Their goal of reaching Diamond Executive has now become their reality, but
they’re not stopping there. They have already determined their next
goal—Triple Diamond! “It’s been surreal!” says Bobby. “We
set the goal, consistently worked hard on our daily method of operation, but we still
have to pinch ourselves.”

Their advice to others reaching for the top is this: “Work with your upline
Diamond and practice the slight edge by consistently doing simple daily actions that
move you forward,” he says.

The Martins have effectively created success in traditional business settings, so
their advice for generating success with ASEA is threefold: develop a positive attitude
and listen to your team calls; establish and follow a daily method of operation five
days a week with three personal development and three business development activities
and be accountable to your upline mentor; and last, find a mentor who is where you want
to be and follow his or her example.

Through it all, the Martins say, “Being involved with ASEA has made us realize
that anyone can create significant residual income without the capital and experience
requirements of a traditional business.”

Now that they have found ASEA, retirement is the furthest thing from their mind.
Bobby used to play golf six days a week before ASEA, but hasn’t played once in
over six months because he’d rather “do” ASEA than golf.

“Jeri and I have never felt so significant,” he says. Jeri adds,
“Our favorite hobbies are developing new relationships, bringing old
relationships current, and sharing redox signaling molecules with everyone. Bobby might
return to playing golf someday, but never as much as before—he just doesn’t
have time!”

“We enjoy flexibility with our time, traveling, and meeting lots of wonderful
like-minded people who are positive and optimistic!” says Bobby. “With
ASEA, we don’t have any challenges, only opportunities!”