Bo & Cindy Buck

ASEA Triple Diamond Executive

Bo and Cindy Buck have a history of being on winning teams. A natural athlete, Bo played hockey, football, ran track in college, and was recruited to play rugby internationally, which he enjoyed doing for 24 years. Cindy grew up ski racing in Aspen, Colorado and then launched herself into competitive sports with such gusto that she was the first woman to major letter in an all-male sport in Colorado. Together, Bo and Cindy have harnessed their work ethic, conviction, and drive coupled with their incredible enthusiasm and zest for lifeā€”all which make them a winning team with ASEA.

Before being introduced to network marketing both Cindy and Bo enjoyed prestigious and rewarding careers. While in Boston, Cindy quickly moved up the ranks from receptionist to national sales manager, and Bo was a sales manager for a $450 million dollar seafood company. “I had some very specific situations that opened my eyes to business,” says Cindy. “So I decided that if I was going to work as hard as I did with the work ethic that I have, the only person I was going to work for was for myself.” That’s when Cindy was introduced to network marketing, and she made another important decision. “I wanted to buy my husband back from corporate America so we could work and raise our family together,” she states.

“Create a very clear vision of where you want to be. Paint that clear vision, knowing it will evolve over time, and then march boldly toward your dream.” – Cindy Buck

Bo spent over 15 years in his career and built up quite a large network, but when he left the seafood industry to join Cindy in network marketing, he lost his connections. “I realized that I was building someone else’s assets and it was time to build our own. It was advantageous to go into network marketing because it was a great business without any barriers in terms of economics,” he says.

Working together, Bo and Cindy developed a network of thousands of people in 13 countries. But when company changes caused their paychecks to decrease, Bo was forced to find additional work in the construction industry. His 16-hour work days left him little time for his family. Once again, Cindy was determined to buy him back, so she began searching intently for the perfect opportunity. “That’s when our friends, Chuck and Tammi Gates called us and told us about ASEA,” says Cindy. “We evaluated every aspect of the company and determined that ASEA was head and shoulders above anything else we had ever seen.”

“Make a commitment to your business and then understand what sacrifices it will involve in order for you to make your goals happen.” – Bo Buck

With her goal in mind, Cindy dove into ASEA and then sprinted to Diamond status in one year. “It was great to know that Cindy was building our family’s assets with ASEA. It took her 2 1/2 years to replace my six-figure income but when I was able to leave my construction job and join her full-time, it was a pretty emotional experience for us,” says Bo.

The Bucks are grateful for the support they have received from their upline leaders, the Gates, as well as others in ASEA. Bo adds, “When you trust your family’s livelihood to someone, you need to know that you can count on them. I know that our upline leaders and ASEA have our back.”

Now Bo and Cindy are determined to share ASEA with people, who like them, want a viable way to improve their lives. “We could tell story after story of people who are raising their own children and trying to care for their aging parents, all while being forced to spend time at a job,” says Cindy. “Everyone should have the freedom to live their lives within their own value system. Life goes by so quickly. ASEA gives people choices. When people are making proactive choices to improve their lives, and have something to offer others so that they can do the same, it’s an incredible gift.”

The Buck’s next goal is to help develop 100 Diamond associates on their team. They only have 96 to go! “It’s not the Diamond status that’s measured, but rather what this means in terms of a lifestyle of freedom for our associates,” says Bo. Cindy adds, “Seeing really good people succeed is priceless.”

For those hoping to duplicate their success, Cindy advises, “Treat ASEA like a business. You must have a conviction that something as profound as ASEA doesn’t come across your desk every day. ASEA is in a category of its own. Once you understand the vision, you’ll understand that ASEA is going to be huge, and you will worry more about what will happen to someone if you don’t tell them about ASEA than what they will think about you if you do.”