With more than two decades in network marketing and as ASEA’s top income earner for who-knows-how-long and counting, Trish Schwenkler has gained some little-known insights into the most well-known tenets of network marketing.

Trish knows as well as anyone who has ever said, “Sign me up!” that there’s a misconception in the network marketing industry that the money comes quickly and that dreams just happen.

“I started out with unrealistic expectations myself,” Trish admits, adding that she almost quit after her first year. Her husband, Bob, an engineer, had been downsized, and they had three school-aged children. Trish had decided to look for a “regular” job.
Luckily, she called her sponsor first. What he shared with her about the three stages of network marketing changed her outlook and set her on a course
for success.

“Stage one is where you put in the time,” Trish explains. “This is where people who are used to trading time for money at a regular job get frustrated slack off because they think they’re not getting paid enough for their time.”

But those who keep working get to stage two, where the money and time match. “Unlike a traditional business that requires a large capital investment upfront and doesn’t cash flow for the first five years,” Trish says, “it only takes a small investment to get started in ASEA, and with time and effort, most people can cash flow relatively soon.”
That’s exactly what Trish did, replacing Bob’s income after her second year. He never had to get a regular job again.

Now well into stage three, where earnings surpass the time invested, Trish and Bob work hand in hand. Trish is at the forefront, interacting with the team, and Bob is behind the scenes full time, keeping the technical side of the business operating.

Trish urges her team to never stop prospecting—a mistake she once briefly made herself after hitting the Diamond ranks at ASEA. “I’d be even further along than I am now if I hadn’t shifted my focus for those few months,” she admits.

Trish’s tactic for prospecting is simple: Make at least one call a day to a new prospect. “Not a follow-up call, and not someone you talked to before,” she advises. “Go out or get online and meet someone new. That’s the simplicity of succeeding in this business: one call, one meeting, one reach-out with someone who has never heard of ASEA before. Most people don’t do that.”

Trish also teaches that getting a new enrollment is not the endgame. “Once you sponsor someone, your work has just begun,” she explains. “Most new people will not prove to be builders, but they are all connectors. Drill down into their warm market, and keep looking for builders.”
Even with a vast and growing team, Trish still implements one other thing she learned early on. “My sponsor told me to call him every day,” she says, “so I did. Six days a week for the first four years.”

Trish’s team is far too large for her to be able to do that as a sponsor, but she recreates that one-on-one atmosphere with a team call every morning. It’s a collaborative effort with other leaders that allows anyone and everyone in her organization to have access to the support and insight they need to keep building.

You won’t ever hear Trish say her success with ASEA hasn’t taken hard work. But to her, it’s definitely not complicated